Welcome! I'm Viktoryia, or just Vika.

Here in my creative corner, you’ll find a tapestry of projects that are close to my heart.

Let’s discover them together.

My projects

Poetry | Book

Dive into my dual-language poetry books, where each poem invites you into a rich dialogue of thoughts and feelings. Let’s explore the landscapes of the heart and mind together. I see you as a reader and a co-creator, and you will work with this book so that, in the end, it will become your book.

Coffee Ceremonies

Step into the aromatic world of Kawa-Klawa, where every Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a story waiting to be told. Founded in 2013, we celebrate the tradition, science, and art of coffee. Join us at our next gathering! Kawa-Klawa has been a participant at JetLag (Facebook), Fractalfest (Facebook), Tangle Festival (Facebook), Echo Festival (Facebook), and many more. As a result, Kawa-Klawa has grown in the creative community with a Telegram channel (Facebook, Telegram Web, FB page, and Instagram) that unites creative people!

Body Work

With certifications in various therapeutic techniques, I offer a holistic approach to body wellness. Discover the benefits of tailored bodywork sessions aimed at restoring your well-being.


Let the soulful sounds of the santoor and handpan (and many more) carry you to a place of profound tranquility and joy. I find magic in every note, and I hope to share that with you. I am also blessed with amazing musician friends with whom we create together. Thank you all beautiful friends for this opportunity!

Fire Show

Let’s light up the night with my fire shows, where every spark tells a story and every flame dances with purpose. Licensed E-29 Fire Performer with more than 20 years of festival and corporate experience in fire show performances internationally. I work with fire poi, double staff, contact staff, fire fan, fire whip, fire cups, LED poi, fabric poi, wings, fans, colorful flames, fire eating, fire breathing, tricks with fire, pyrotechnics, and smoke effects. I also offer workshops, masterclasses, training for first-time fire spinners, and create fire sculptures and design fire objects.


Enjoy my range of handcrafted, water-free products from spiced ketchups to freshly preserved eggplant salads, jams, etc., all made with love.