My projects

Poetry | Book

 As a storyteller and a poet, I encourage you to be ready for a conversation.

Coffee Ceremonies

As the founder of Kawa-Klawa, Vika invites you to see and discuss the whole process of the unique Ethiopian coffee ceremony: Bunna

Body Work

Certified Master of Swedish Body Works, Medical Massage, Volcanic Stone, Cupping Therapy, Vacuum Massage, Sujok Points, Moxibustion Therapy, Aromatherapy Massage.


 As a musician I boosts you to sound on all levels.

Fire Show

Licenced E-29 Fire performer with more than 20  years festival and corporate experience with fire show performance internationally. Working with: fire poi, double staff, contact staff, fire fan, fire whip, fire cups, LED poi, fabric poi, wings, fan, colorful flame, fire eating, fire breathing, tricks with fire, pyrotechnics and smoke effects, workshops, masterclasses, and first time fire spinners trainings, creating fire sculptures and designing fire objects.