Coffee Ceremonies

As the founder of Kawa-Klawa, Vika invites you to see and discuss the whole process of the unique Ethiopian coffee ceremony: Bunna. 

As a coffee brand, @Kawa-Klawa was created to reintroduce traditions, routine, science, and the art of coffee. Since 2013 Kawa-Klawa has been a resident of JetLag (Facebook), Fractalfest (Facebook ), Tangle Festival (Facebook ), Echo Festival (Facebook), and many more. As a result, Kawa-Klawa has grown in the creative community with a Telegram channel  (FacebookTelegram Web, FB page, and Instagram) account that unites creative people!

Workshops, Events

Workshop description:

From green to brown.
From whole to dust.
Through fire, water, clay, and stone.
Prepare coffee, hear the songs,
That tells us stories about home.

We are going to roast raw coffee beans and brew as many different types of coffee as possible.

I’m here to say, come on… literally come on!

There will be noise and silence at the same time, it will be funny and sometimes sad.

Bring your coffee experience (no coffee drinking required), your stories, and your musical instruments.

No pets allowed, no speakers, 12+ yo event.